About Dingofox

Dingofox Media is a boutique web development studio that specializes in designing and building custom web applications for businesses. After all, gone are the days when having a basic, token web page floating around on the internet qualified as having a legitimate digital presence.

Now, for better or worse, companies and organizations depend on their websites to speak on behalf of their brand 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If the website that interested buyers or long-time clients visit doesn’t impress them, then neither will your brand.

At Dingofox, we understand that each and every one of our clients has unique needs that can’t always be met by cookie cutter website generators and out-of-the-box templates, so that’s why we work in conjunction with them to tailor custom, ambitious projects that give them an edge in their field.

While these new digital responsibilities may sound like daunting, previously unnecessary obligations, they’re actually opportunities for your business to reach farther and more effectively than it ever could have in a previous era. They’re chances to make more intimate connections with the people you rely on.

Our team of programmers, graphic designers and ex-journalists is eager and qualified to start building your company or organization a web presence that does your brand justice. Contact us today.